Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

"The Girls" My mom, Me, My sister-Dawn, My grandma- Irene, My niece Grace, and of course My beautiful daughter Emilee. Caitlyn was MIA.
The kids both made hats at school. Aren't they cute?

All geared up for some good eating. We were waiting for daddy to get back from hunting.

Grandpa and his girl.

My mom slaving away in the kitchen.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving today. Good food, good conversation and good company. I ate way too much. I figure diets don't count on holidays right? Well I just wanted to share a few pictures. I need to get to bed early now, it is BLACK FRIDAY tomorrow! Got to be first in line when the doors open at 5am. Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. See ya tomorrow after I hit all the good sales!
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