Monday, November 10, 2008

My Cody Bug!

I just love this little guy. I let him play hooky from preschool today so we are just "kickin" at home. We had big plans to hit the library for story hour and then the park but little sis kinda soiled our plans. Literally, soiled our plans. She is... lets just say not up to taking out in public. We never know when an explosion will take place. So we are being lazy around the house. The photo above was taken yesterday. He was waiting on the front porch for Grandpa to pick him up for Sunday School. Cody looks forward to this every week. He insist on a button up shirt like grandpa. It has to have a pocket so he can take coupons and a pen (just like grandpa). I think it is pretty funny. Yesterday he took a coupon for free ice cream. I am sure Grandpa is very proud of my little coupon cutter.

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Kim said...

He is just so darn cute! What a little man. I am sure your dad is very proud of him too!