Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wasn't bit by the crafty bug... maybe the lazy bug.

As I was wasting time, NOT doing the things that I should have been. I came across a few old photos. I know I have already posted them but in case you forgot, enjoy!

So I had big plans. I was going to make some great Christmas decorations to make my home shiny and pretty. I was going to make a awesome diaper cake for a baby shower coming up in a couple of weeks. Then... I was going to make Christmas cards. That I did get done but I have yet to order them. I am feeling cheap. I know, ME. I must not be feeling myself. As for all the other items, NOTHING got done. My house is a mess. Eric is out of town hunting and I have the kids. They seem to be trying to get themselves on Santa's naughty list. They are close, really close. I did do something today that is very grown up of me. I bought my first cook book. Yeah! I even plan on using it. I figure I am going to eventually have to learn how to cook something that doesn't come out of a box. Thanksgiving dinner was a perfect excuse for me to take the plunge. Well tomorrow is another day. I will wake up and again try to tackle my list of TO-DO's. Oh and to add to the stress, it is exactly one month until Christmas. I guess I better add shopping to that list. AWWWWWW.

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