Monday, November 17, 2008

On Vacation!!!

Photo credit: not mine.

I have 12 days off. YUP! Can you believe it. I am so excited to do well.... NOTHING! I have a little "detail" tomorrow that will require a little rest a relaxation for a few days. I might share more about that later. I haven't decided. Let's just say I am getting a little work done..... Then off to Idaho to visit my brand new baby nephew!! After that is Thanksgiving festivities and who can forget Black Friday! I like my job and all but I sure LOVE days off!! I get a little giddy with excitement. I can't believe that November is almost over already. Crazy to think Christmas is around the corner. Maybe I should be using my days off to do some Christmas shopping. Well hopefully I have lots of fun things to blog about in the next 12 days, check back.


Rainey said...

Yay for days off and a quick recovery to you my friend :)

I am sorry for all the staring I will be doing in December, its just plain old jealousy!

Delena said...

Work done, huh! I'm so curious what that might be.... you'll totally have to share. EVERYONE should know about your personal "work." ;)